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Goodbye 2016 … Hello 2017!

B and R Photography and Design

2016, what a year, am I right. For some of you I am sure it was amazing, and for others, there may have been times that it didn’t seem that good, or there were trials and tribulations. But we made it through, didn’t we!

I think from a personal side, what I will remember about 2016 the most is all of the famous people who passed. I mean it was a crazy year for us to lose so much talent in such a short time. Artists like Leonard Cohen, Prince and David Bowie, the later being a very big influence on me as a creative person.

But with every end comes a new beginning and 2016 was really a new beginning for us at B and R Photography and Design, as a business owners and photographers. Last year is when we decide that we would no longer do every type of photography that came our way. We wanted to focus more on certain aspects of photography that got us excited. A few of them are lighting, and how it can greatly affect your image, more specifically the use of one light. One other of those things is our creative portraits, sure we dabbled with them over the years, but 2016 is were we went full on showcasing and booking them!

We saw huge growth in 2016, I think, due to our more focused look at what we wanted to offer our clients that maybe others could not. The big win for us there was our Creative Dance Sessions. We did a casting call last January for dancers who may want to partake, and the reactions and emails we got from so many parents and dancers made us re look at how many spots we had originally planed and added more.

Now for the exciting part of what’s next! We started off looking at our pricing and everything that went into it and found that sometimes it may have been confusing, or not clear enough, so for every style of session we do there is only 1 price point!!! We still offer add-ons, like hair and makeup or if you would like a set design. So no matter what session you are looking for, be it Senior Portraits, Creative Dance Shoot or just Family photos, 1 price point.

The other cool new thing is that we are looking at, is mother/ daughter sessions, this came about as my Wife and I have 2 little girls, and not enough beautiful images of just them and their mom. So we decided that this would be a great addition for our customers looking for something extra special to remember these important milestones in their life. Oh and just cuz it says mother / daughter, don’t think father and son can’t as well!

To end all this rambling (as I could go on for a while) I want to give a heart felt thank you to all of our clients through out the year and the coming year for all of your love, support and truly valuing what we do. With out you we could not make all of these amazing things happen…So thank you!


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