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It's Finally Here ... Classes start this Fall

Want to learn how to organize, edit and share your photos? ... Coming this October

B and R Photography and Design in conjunction with Ottawa Valley Studios, is excited to offer a new set of classes to help you unlock your inner photographer.

Part of our "Learning Your Camera" classes and workshops, the first of which will be a series discovering and mastering Adobe Lightroom!

This series will be broken into three classes. You may take just the classes you need or sign up for all three at a discounted rate.

Classes offered:

LR101 - This class will focus on importing and sorting your images, from meta tags to face recognition, utilizing the library module. As well as a beginners glance at the development module and

basic editing.

LR202 - This class delves deeper into the workings of Lightroom and how it makes photographs POP!

We will go over the tools to help touch up photos, selective adjustment and some advanced

techniques, as well as the print module.

LR303 – This is where it gets exciting! Utilize all the tools you've built up and start putting them to use.

You will learn advanced editing, special and creative effects, presets,and preset customization.

Also, you will discover Lightroom Mobile, allowing you to create on the go.

It is recommended that you bring a laptop with Lightroom version 4.3 or above to get the most out of these classes, as hands on is the best way to learn.

To help us find what works best for you, please comment and let us know if you would like evening classes or a one day class on the weekend!

Class pricing and dates coming soon!

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