Photo by Brian Walters

About Ryan Schmidt

I can say I have never been one to be able to do one of these "About me" things. I mean what do I say that doesn't sound cocky or irrelevant ... right?

  My passion for photography really started out in college, when I was taking a multi media course at Algonquin College and learning about all the different digital media platforms that were coming out of the dot com era. Long story short on that one, but as soon as I graduated the dot com bubble bust, and well everything went on the back burner. Fast forward 5 or so years and a Canon G2 ended up in my hands ( yup i said canon, as those who know me, know I shoot Nikon ) something sparked in me and I started shooting again.


  I started shooting to create something, I wasn't sure what just yet, but there was something  I was seeing in my head, then POW I'm married to my best friend Kim, BOOM Child one comes along, our first born Hannah who is just amazing, and then double BOOM child's 2 and 3 (twins) Ava and Noah. I still remember the day my wife said we were having twins, I must have told her a dozen time that the doctor is wrong (mind you I was half asleep when she told me). During this time is when I was starting to realize why I was shooting, it was about those moments, those memories, I needed to capture them.

  As I grew as not only a father and husband, my vision started to become even more clear, I wanted to create images that were breath taking, artistic and creative. I wanted to be able to see something in my head and make it happen. So I started focusing my skills on improving my photography, and image manipulation as well. Through my extensive knowledge of Photoshop my visions were coming to lite.

  Now that my kids are getting older and my passion is stronger then ever, I embark on a journey that I am lucky enough to share with you, as we work together to create art that you can't help but want to share. As we look to the future, we never know what will happen next, but I can only hope that photography leads me to even greater things in life, and sharing all that with my amazing wife, incredible kids ... and you!

Because it's not just a memory...

Photo by Kim Schmidt

Photo by Agata Nicodemo

Photo by Brian Walters

Photo by Ryan Schmidt

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