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Local Talent... and why it's so great!

You know, there are many great reasons to being in a small town, it's really gives you the opportunity to get to know the local talent, be it models, event planners, real estate agents and heck even the other photographers! :-)

Over the last few months it's been really great getting to work with these people for numerous reasons.

Reason #1.) I am teaming up with 2 other of my fellow photogs in town to put on a much needed workshop this April (the closest workshops are usually 2hrs away). And we will be giving others the opportunity to really do hands on shooting with mentoring there to help guide along!

Reason # 2.) We have allot of up and coming models, who really want to work hard and do a shoot right. They practice there poses, bring cheat sheets to help guide themselves, and really taking it by the horns to get there name out there. Here are a few from the recent months.

Reason #3.) Headshot... everyone needs to have one done, not should... needs. People sometimes forget about this when starting a business or even their own facebook, instagram, google + accounts. A well done headshot tells a story, it lets them know who you are.

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